Les Paul - Electric Guitar Innovator


 Hey Bob,
Thanks for your help! 

Joe Bonamassa - Blues Guitar Great


 To Bob,
Thanks for the most enjoyable TV experience
that I ever had! 

Pat Martino - Guitar Legend


It was really beautiful; especially after so
many years it finally came to pass!
Best Wishes 

Jimmy Bruno - Jazz Legend


 To Bob,
I had a great time on the show.
Your Friend,
Jimmy Bruno 

Jackie King - Willie Nelson Band/Chet Baker


 Bob’s got one of the best guitar shows that I’ve seen
in many years. He’s an excellent player; a very
enthusiastic person. He certainly knows how to do a
show like that. It’s very admirable. I have a lot of

respect for Bob.  

Bill Comins - Guitar Builder


 Bob is the perfect person for a show that celebrates
musicianship. He has a genuine love of music - and
as incredibly talented as he is, he also truly  appreciates the artistic statements made by the people  around him as well. Bob brings out the best in every  musician, because he really understands that  creative process, in whatever form it appears.  

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Annie Haslam - Renaissance


Bob is a dear friend and has performed with me in concert at the Sellersville Theater and the Martin Guitar Showroom.

Bob and I played in a duo setting and he is a wonderful guitarist!

Sal Salvatore -Jazz Legend


 Bob - Thanks; A genuine Pleasure! 

Arlen Roth - Simon and Garfunkle


What a pleasure!
Let’s do it again as ASAP! 

Jack Wilkins - Brecker Bros./Buddy Rich


 Dear Bob,
It was a pleasure to play on your show
and get to know you!
All the very best success with everything!
Your Friend, 

Dr. Frank Dibussolo - Jazz Great


    Bob Miles is a master . Not only can he play the
guitar on a level most only dream about ,he also can
conduct a television show with great insight and
taste. It is an honor and a pleasure for me to be
associated with Bob and the Miles of Music show.
Commercial TV producers should take some lessons
from him  

Tommy Doyle - Fingerstyle Great


 You are a terrific guitarist yourself and have
dedication to this art, all you need is exposure and
maybe it will begin to really pay off.
Your Friend,  

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Alex Bartlet - Jazz Great


 Bob, I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had
recording the show with you and Frank DiBussolo.
"Miles of Music" is truly a gift you give to the guitar
community. What a rare creature you are to put so
much of your time and love into a show dedicated to
guitar music. THANK YOU! I wish you all the
success in the world. I truly appreciate the
opportunity to perform on your show and would love  to do it again sometime, if you'll allow it.
Thanks again for everything, 

Jeff Tamelier - Tower of Power/Starship


 To Bob,
Thanks so much for this great opportunity.
You played great.
Keep it funky, 

Bob and Cind Benedetto/Guitar Builder Legend


 To Bob Miles,
Great shirt, You did great today at Scott Chinery’s!

Country Joe Dalton


It was certainly great fun.
Thank you, 

Steve Howe - YES



Thank You for having me along with all the other great guests.

Charles H. Chapman - Berklee College of Music


To a great guitar slinger and a true gentleman.